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2015 Holidays

The U.S. Mission will officially observe only the holidays listed below.

Date Day Holiday Country
1 Jan
New Year's Day U.S.
3 Jan
Sat *Eid-Milad-un-Nabi(P.B.U.H) Pakistani
19 Jan
Mon Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday U.S.
16 Feb
Mon Washington's Birthday U.S.
23 Mar
Mon Pakistan Day Pakistani
1 May
Labor Day Pakistani
25 May
Mon Memorial Day U.S.
3 Jul
Fri Independence Day U.S.
17, 18, 19 Jul
Fri, Sat & Sun
*Eid-ul-Fitr Pakistani
14 Aug
Pakistan Independence Day Pakistani
7 Sep
Mon Labor Day U.S.
23, 24, 25 Sep Wed, Thurs & Fri
*Eid-ul-Azha Pakistani
12 Oct
Mon Columbus Day U.S.
22, 23 Oct
Thurs & Fri
*9th & 10th Muharram Pakistani
9 Nov
Mon **Iqbal Day Pakistani
11 Nov
Wed Veteran's Day U.S.
26 Nov
Thurs Thanksgiving U.S.
25 Dec
Fri Christmas Day U.S.



  • Religious holidays are subject to the appearance of the moon and may vary from the scheduled dates.
  • Iqbal Day holiday is subject to cancellation due to possible date changes in the religious holidays.