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Passports Abroad

Welcome to Passport Services of the U.S. Embassy Islamabad. We are open for appointments on weekdays. Please note you must schedule an appointment for passport services.

Please arrive fifteen minutes before your appointment to clear security. Mobile phones, electronic devices and other restricted items are not permitted inside the Embassy.

Do I need to go to the Embassy?

Applicants must personally appear at the U.S. Embassy for all passport services. If you are applying for a passport for a child under age 16, both parents and the child must be present, unless one parent presents an original court order for sole custody, a death certificate for the other parent, or a notarized Statement of Consent or Special Circumstances from the absent parent.

Passport Processing Times

Except in emergencies, passports are printed in the United States and take a minimum of 2-3 weeks to be returned to the Embassy.  You will receive an automated email when your passport is ready.

In cases of emergency travel, where waiting two weeks for the passport will cause undue hardship, the Consular Section is authorized to print a limited validity passport that cannot be extended.

Passport Delivery options

You will receive an email when your passport is ready. Regrettably, we are unable to send passports in the mail. Please bring your expired passport and fee receipt to collect your passport Monday OR Thursday between the hours of 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., except on U.S. and Pakistani holidays. Applicants age 16 and over must collect their own passports. For applicants under 16, either parent can collect the passport. No appointment is necessary for pickup.

All documents must be originals; any documents on ruppee paper will not be accepted as an original document. If the document is not in English, then a certified English translation with a photocopy is also required.

The U.S. Embassy Islamabad accepts applications for:


The required documents depend on the age of the applicant and whether or not the passport is being renewed or corrected.

Applicant is under age 16:

  • Original birth certificate (with English translation if applicable)
  • Applicant's most recent passport
  • Parents' valid passports or government-issued photo IDs
  • DS-11 passport form (PDF 100 KB)
  • 2 recent color photographs, 2"x 2", on white background with full front view. 'Photoshopped' photos will not be accepted.
  • Family photographs should be submitted to establish the development of minor children, especially if their last passport was issued during infancy. These photos should range from the age at which their previous passport was issued to their current age.
  • Fees:  Fee is payable in cash or by credit card.
  • If one parent cannot be at the interview, the absent parent must send a DS-3053 "statement of consent" form notarized by a U.S. notary. Click this link for more information on how to complete a DS-3053 or form DS-5525 "statement of exigent/special family circumstances" if the written consent of the non-applying parent/guardian cannot be obtained.
  • For more information on applying for applicants under age 16, please click on this link.

Applicant is Over Age 16 and Most Recent Passport was valid for 5 years:

Applicant is Over Age 16 and Most Recent Passport was valid for 10 years:

  • Applicant's most recent passport
  • DS-82 passport form (fill out online and print)
  • 2 passport photos
  • Fees: Fee is payable in cash or by credit card.

Most recent passport is less than 1 year old and needs correction

  • Applicant's most recent passport
  • Evidence supporting change in identifying information (e.g., marriage certificate, amended birth certificate, expired passport, etc.)
  • DS-5504 passport form (fill out online and print)
  • 2 passport photos  
  • Fees: no charge.

Lost or stolen passports

If your passport is lost or stolen, you are advised to report the loss/theft to the local Pakistani police in the area in which it occurred. In order to replace the passport, it will be necessary for you to appear personally at the Embassy. You should submit your application for a replacement passport (Form DS-11) (PDF 100 KB) as soon as possible after the loss or theft is discovered.

In addition to the standard documentation and fees, you must also bring:

  • A Police report from wherever it was lost or stolen stating the circumstances; and
  • A completed Affidavit of Loss or Theft (Form DS-64).