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Procurement Solicitation Packages

Listed below are business opportunities available through the Procurement Section of the U.S. Mission in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Interested Companies Must Submit Their Proposals To:

GSO Contracting Officer
American Embassy, Diplomatic Enclave,
Ramna-5, Islamabad,

Announcement No. Date Issued Due Date Description of Services/goods
SPK330-14-Q-5731 08-09-2014 09-08-2014 Gardening Services (PDF 750 KB)
S-PK50014-Q-2006 08-04-2014 08-11-2014 Placement of HESCO Barriers at US Consulate General, 50-Empress Road, Lahore. (PDF 668 KB)
S-PK50014-Q-2005 08-04-2014 08-11-2014 Repairing of Laundry at 26-Zafar Ali Road Lahore. (PDF 672 KB)
PR3490992 07-25-2014 08-11-2014 IT Hardware Equipment-Workstations & Servers (PDF 343 KB)
S-PK330-14-Q-5728 07-17-2014 08-18-2014

Roof repairs at house G-6/3, Islamabad (PDF 1 MB)

Amendment 001 (PDF 300 KB)

Questions and Answers (PDF 184 KB)

S-PK330-14-Q-5727 07-14-2014 08-25-2014

Upgrade of residencies located in F-6/3, Islamabad (PDF 669 KB)

Amendment 001 (PDF 432 KB)

Amendment 002 (PDF 304 KB)

Amendment 003 (PDF 317 KB)

S-PK500-14-Q-2003 06-09-2014 06-14-2014 Repairing and cleaning of HVAC duct at US Consulate General Lahore Office Building (PDF 664 KB)
S-PK330-14-Q-5726 06-03-2014 08-01-2014

Ballistic Glass Installation and Fortification at F-7/4, Islamabad (PDF 652 KB)  

Amendment 001 (PDF 316 KB)

Amendment 002 (PDF 315 KB)

Amendment 003 (PDF 300 KB)

S-PK500-14-Q-2002 05-28-2014 05-31-2014 Installation of suspended ceiling at Consulate General Lahore Office Building (PDF 668 KB)
SPK330-14-Q-5723 05-09-2014 07-02-2014

Solicitation for Travel Management Services for U.S. Mission, Pakistan (PDF 772 KB)

Attachment A (PDF 277 KB)

Attachment B (PDF 100 KB)

Amendment 1 (PDF 530 KB)


RFQ Conversion of a vehicle to ambulance 10-31-2013 11-15-2013 RFQ Conversion of a vehicle to ambulance (PDF 52 KB)
RFQ for supply of Hitachi HVAC Parts 10-28-2013 11-11-2013 RFQ for supply of Hitachi HVAC Parts (PDF 26 KB)

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