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Procurement Solicitation Packages

Listed below are business opportunities available through the Procurement Section of the U.S. Mission in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Interested Companies Must Submit Their Proposals To:

GSO Contracting Officer
American Embassy, Diplomatic Enclave,
Ramna-5, Islamabad,

RFQ #4452062 (PDF 292 KB)

Announcement No. Date Issued Due Date Description of Services/goods
S-PK500-15-Q-2006 (PDF 666 KB) July 31, 2015 August 13, 2015 Drilling of deep well at Consulate Compound located at 50, Empress Road Lahore
RFQ #4541830 (PDF 341 KB) August 3, 2015 August 6, 2015 The U.S. Embassy Islamabad requires the services of an auctioneer who will store, stage auction able U.S. property at his facility, and conduct auction as described in Statement of Work (SOW)
RFQ #4422901 (PDF 220 KB) July 22, 2015 August 10, 2015 ISB-FAC-Replacement of Old Chiller for Lahore Consulate
RFQ #4463709 (PDF 208 KB) July 6, 2015 July 13, 2015 Auction Services Required by US Embassy, Islamabad
June 26, 2015 July 06, 2015 ISB-FM-Installation of Generator & ATS at Residences.
Questions & Answers (PDF 159 KB)
S-PK500-15-Q-2005 (PDF 808 KB) June 11, 2015 June 29, 2015 Furniture designing, fabrication and installation in a room of U.S. Consulate General Lahore
RFQ #4354704 (PDF 208 KB) June 04, 2015 June 12, 2015 ISB-FM-Drill Water Well on Three Properties, Islamabad
Questions & Answers (PDF 147 KB)
SPK330-15-Q-5771 (PDF 530 KB) June 04, 2015 June 23, 2015 Garbage Collection at U.S. Embassy, Islamabad.
Amendment A001 (PDF 320 KB)
RFQ #4269889 (PDF 512 KB) 06-03-15 06-08-15 Provide/Install Furniture for Lincoln Corner Multan
SPK330-15-Q-5760 (PDF 759 KB) 04-24-2015 05-22-2015 Courier Services required by LOC, US Embassy, Islamabad
Amendment 001 (PDF 1 MB)
S-PK330-15-Q-5756 (PDF 775 KB) 04-17-2015 06-03-2015 Repair of Perimeter Wall at House F-7, Islamabad.
Amendment 001 (PDF 291 KB)
Question & Answer (PDf 342 KB)
S-PK500-15-Q-2004 (PDF 673 KB) 04-03-2015 04-21-2015 Repairing and upgrading of toilets at 50-Empress Road, Lahore
S-PK330-15-Q-5755 (PDF 1 MB) 03-27-2015 04-16-2015 Installation of kitchenette at U.S. Embassy, Islamabad.
Amendment 001 (PDF 298 KB)
Attachment A (Images) (PDF 155 KB)
Attachment B (Questions and Answers) (PDF 84 KB)
S-PK500-15-Q-2000 (PDF 664 KB) 02-19-2015 03-12-2015 Construction of workshops area according to SOW, US Consulate General, 50-Empress Road, Lahore
S-PK500-15-Q-2001 (PDF 665 KB) 02-19-2015 03-12-2015 Container & Firing Post Metal Sheets, US Consulate General, 50-Empress Road, Lahore
S-PK500-15-Q-2002 (PDF 663 KB) 02-19-2015 03-12-2015 Repairing/upgrading truck team rooms, US Consulate General, 50-Empress Road, Lahore
S-PK500-15-Q-2003 (PDF 670 KB) 02-20-2015 03-12-2015 Roof repair work of reception area and front terrace, US Consulate General, 50-Empress Road, Lahore
S-PK-330-15-R-5742 (PDF 935 KB) 02-14-2015 04-08-2015 Cellular Mobile Phone Services
You can also download the document here.
Questions and Answers (PDF 206 KB)
Amendment 002 (PDF 304 KB)
Amendment 001 (PDF 293 KB)

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